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Poetry and Verse addressing the course of human events...

“Neuere Poeten tun viel Wasser in die Tinte"

"Modern poets put a lot of water in their ink."

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

To the contrary, this blog is a Certified Non-pretentious, Not-self-absorbed Zone featuring poems and verse that surprisingly often makes sense, and shuns the all-too-frequent narcissism of modern poetical chicanery.

If you would like to add or submit something to be published in this blog, feel free to send it along via the Contact Us form.   If we post anything your wrote, you will naturally be credited,  because we're honest,........although there is the part about how plagiarism can sometimes be considered a felony, carrying a penalty of up to $250K in fines, and 10 years in there's always that.....

Not sure how you feel, but when one reads much of modern poetry, or short pieces of prose, are you part of the group that sometimes wonders?...

  • if you're really dumb and don't get it, or if the writer was dumb enough to write it, and the publisher was even dumber to publish it

  • If there was a point or not, or if the pointlessness was the point, which is completely pointless because there's already enough pointlessness in our lives

  • If the big empty spaces in between the words in some poems are areas that the author totally forgot to fill in, or where they accidentally held their thumb on the space bar for too long