by Mister Victor

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

Like a silent and kindhearted friend

The crescent moon did to her attend

He peeked through the panes silently

Ever mindful of her fond privacy

Though fast asleep in tender dreams

She stirred to greet his reflective beams

She smiled welcoming her confidante

As he was unfailingly her gallant

Her eyes grew bright, shining like stars

Recounting stories, affections, memoirs

Speaking of days, work, and silly vignettes

Relaying sorrows, trials and biting regrets

Lavishing long on friends, lovers, and dreams

Braiding her art of unpredicted scenes

Soliloquizing with fervent feeling

Unfolding like a rose unconcealing

Vouchsafing her secrets and cares

Knowing all is safe as a prayer

And he who shines in crescent phase

Listens to all in empathetic gaze

Then ascends tranquilly into the night

Conferring his kind kiss of soft light

And with affection she serenely reclines

And drifts to sleep without confines

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