Lingering Summer

Although fall has finally arrived in the Northeast, with global warming, the summer bled out long into October, engendering the verse below...

Lingering Summer

The lingering days of summer cloak the late arriving fall

Like a heavy green curtain which the butler forgot to draw

The warmth we welcomed in the bright wedding month of June

Grows tedious and stale as a party which has been marooned

The birds repeating songs that have devolved into dirge

While the grass grows reluctantly indentured to the scourge

Mild southerly winds listlessly wander through the air

Having lost their way like exhausted travelers in despair

Weary garden flowers surrender, drooping by the scores

While dull bees buzz idly by, having secured their winter stores

Warm rains fall impassively, drenching the sodden land

Slowly swelling streams to rivers, with a watery sleight of hand

And enervated people disappear, into homes of concocted cool

When summer lingers too long, like a king who’s become the fool

Photo by Dakota Roos on Unsplash

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