by Mister Victor

Photo by Fernando Rodrigues on Unsplash

Slipping through the ether
Through invisible cracks of time
The shadows hover and darken
At the edges of her eye

But she dare not look
To scare them away
For they’re a skittish kind
Which she will not betray

They bring no fear
Or premonition of dread
Rather they hearken unto
The thoughts in her head

The alternative lives
That her sisters lead
Drawing her out
Where her soul is freed

And who’s to say
What is more real
The shadows’ presence
Or sunlight’s reveal

The fancies of books
The conceits of song
The curiosities of dreams
Each and all belong

Thoughts of change
Reflections and hopes
Come to life
Akin isotopes

What she wills
And what feels
Is apparent
By a kiss she seals

The shadows rise
And flicker bright
E’er disclosing
That darkness is light

For absence is not
A missing piece
But defines a frame
Of ardent caprice

Heightened, aware
She disappears
Taking the hand
Of her shadowy peers

They embrace her strong
And hold her fast
And in return
She is recast

Not a puzzle
Or an enigma, lost
With her sisters
A true pentecost

Their stories revive
Her heart beats fierce
A joyous collision
Which cannot be pierced

By anger or bitterness
By those who throw woe
For shadows protect
Conclusively so

Enveloped in love
Surrounded by glee
Intoxicating laughter
As care is carefree

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