What is Inspiration?

Just a few words about Inspiration for writers,.........artists.......composers..........or for that matter, anyone.........


Inspiration is a peculiar thing

Flipping one over like handspring

It bustles about going here and there

Picking out targets out of thin air

From the depths of the dark

It can strike quite a spark

Or shine as beacon of light

From a hill of great height

Sometimes marching so grand

Like a brass regimental band

And sometimes covering its tracks

Slipping silent between the cracks

Where it goes and who it chooses

Often determines who wins or loses

But when it takes hold

Who knows what may unfold

For its power instills dynamic resolve

Which even laziness cannot dissolve

Causing tremors and excitement

And to the mundane, an indictment

It can change things near and far

And can even change who you are

And so do we tarry, and say a prayer

Pining for an inspiration a love affair

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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