Dive, wade or simply belly flop your way through our world’s unplanned journey in which nerds have been busily (though mostly inadvertently) inheriting the earth, while the rest of us have been lost in our smartphones, glued to our computer/TV screens, or were ordering a pizza and binging on Netflix.


In this hilarious account, we discover how the ascent of nerds, and their mesmerizing technology, have completely redefined society, thereby affecting every facet of our lives including:


  • How we interactOMG, do not call me or stop by, I’ll text you
  • How we workVirtually all the time
  • What we eatWhy the snack aisle in the grocery store is the world’s most popular travel destination
  • How we dressWhy our sense of fashion has been sadly diagnosed to be in Stage IV
  • What news we consumeLook here, I told you I was right
  • And speaking of sportsWhy national team sports are headed to the penalty box, forever


Explore how our highly stressed lives and natural world are perilously close to a collapse not seen since the Trojans remodeled their public square with a fetching horse. and then discover who may, indeed, be our unexpected saving grace.

Nerds Gone Wild (PDF)

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